Buildpaste Wiki

What is Buildpaste?

Buildpaste is a mod/plugin for minecraft which makes it easy to copy and paste buildings into your minecraft worlds. It also allows you to upload your own builds.

Where can I find those builds?

You can find the builds on this website. They are divided into different categories and located here.

How can I paste builds?

You can paste a build by clicking 'Copy' and then typing /paste in minecraft. But this only works if you are logged in.
If you're not logged in then the paste command will be copied to your clipboard so that you can paste it into the minecraft chat by pressing CTRL+V.

How can I create an account?

You can create an account by clicking Login in the top right corner. You then need to add your minecraft name to your profile.

How can I upload my own build?

You can upload a build by selecting 2 opposite positions from your build with the 'Position Selector' item or by typing /pos1 or /pos2. After that look at the front of your build and type /upload <build name>
You can also publish your build after that.

Extra Functionality



Plugin Exclusives

Share your build

When using the plugin you can type /sharebuild to share your current build with the server. All online players will then receive a message with two buttons, Copy and Paste.

Manage Permissions

By default, only operators are allowed to paste a build, but this can be changed by typing /buildpaste allowall If you don't want the non-operators to be able to paste builds anymore then you can type /buildpaste disallowall

Command Details

Note: All arguments surrounded by < and > are optional


/buildpaste <allowall|disallowall>


/paste <argument1> <argument2>

Pastes a build. Argument 1 and 2 can either be the ID of the build or dontplaceair. But you usually don't need both arguments.


/construct <buildId>

Pastes a build with the items in your inventory.



Undos the last paste that was made.


/upload <name>

Uploads a build to the database. The build can then be pasted or published.



Gives the player the Position Selector item. The item can be used to set the positions that are required to upload a build.
Left clicking sets pos1, right clicking sets pos2



Sets the first position of the two that are needed for uploading a build.



Sets the second position of the two that are needed for uploading a build.



Removes both positions, pos1 and pos2.


/connectaccounts <email>

Connects the buildpaste and the minecraft account. The command is useless in most cases because the accounts connect automatically when pasting a build. But in rare cases, for example if someone else set their minecraft name as your name, then this command is useful. The command takes an email address as an optional argument.



Disconnects your buildpaste from your minecraft account.


/sharebuild <build-ID>

(Plugin Exclusive) Shares the currently selected build by the player, if they are logged in, or the build defined in build-ID

Technical Details:


Buildpaste can be downloaded as a Forge Mod or as a Spigot/Bukkit Plugin. A Fabric version may be added soon...

Behind the Scenes

The mod and plugin are both coded with Java. I used IntelliJ as the mod IDE and Eclipse as the plugin IDE. The website was made using vanilla javascript and the backend uses Node.js in combination with Firebase. Firebase also provides the hosting, database and image storage.
Also, big thanks to Craftatar for providing player avatars



If you have any questions feel free to ask them via E-Mail or ask them directly in the Discord Server